Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Becoming a Real Estate Agent
Pursuing a career in real estate takes time and dedication, but rewards you with a fun and challenging job that will never be dull. Learn how to become a real estate agent, and decide whether a real estate career is the right choice for you.


The first step to becoming a real estate agent is to apply for admission to The Salesperson Registration Education Program.  In order to be admitted into The Salesperson Registration Education Program, you must be a resident of Canada, be at least 18 years old, and have either an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or pass a qualifying test. Once admitted you can begin taking pre-registration course.

Pre-Registration Courses

Applicants wishing to obtain a license in real estate must first complete pre-registration courses as part of the Salesperson Registration Education Program. You will have 18 months from the start of your first course to complete all the courses.  All courses must be completed with a mark of at least 75%, otherwise, you cannot proceed onto the next course.
For those unable to attend in-classroom online learning and correspondence options are available. The courses offered are as follows:
  • Real Estate as a Professional Career: Introduces students to the basics of real estate, describes the roles of a real estate broker, covers market dynamics and real estate related mathematical calculations. This is a 35-hour course.
  • Land, Structures, and Real Estate Trading: Describes statutory requirements and accepted practices, as well as technical requirements of the representation relationship. This is a 60-hour course.
  • The Real Estate Transaction: Gives a detailed view of real estate transactions, including listing agreements, offers, and sales. This is a three-part course, including General Transactions, Residential Transactions, and Commercial Transactions. Students must successfully complete the General Transaction course, as well as one of the Commercial or Residential Transactions courses. There are various options for completing the courses, including a combined option. Each course is 40 hours. 
  • Real Property Law: Student learns all about the legal issues surrounding property sales and ownership, as well as related legislation. The course is 40 hours.
  • Residential Real Estate Transactions / Commercial Real Estate Transactions: Depending on which course you chose to complete during pre-registration, you now will have to complete the other as part of your articling requirements. The course is 40 hours.
  • Elective Courses: A variety of real estate related courses are offered to aspiring brokers, and at least one elective course needs to be completed.
When the 24 month period is expired, you must apply to renew your salesperson registration in order to maintain your license in real estate. You have now become a real estate agent in full, and can choose to become a real estate broker, or simply continue as your career in real estate as a salesperson.

The Broker Registration Education Program

Once you have become a real estate agent you may choose to also complete The Broker Registration Program. In this section one last elective course needs to be completed, as well as the Real Estate Broker Course. Note that most agents pursue broker registration when they wish to open their own brokerage, but it is not mandatory to complete this program to become a real estate agent.

The Next Step

If you are ready to learn more about real estate careers then you may want to find out more information on what real estate agents do, or simply begin the process by applying for admission to The Salesperson Registration Education Program and get your career in real estate started.
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